Nakhodka Oil Terminal


The terminal can provide a completely segregated transshipment of 3 types of light oil products and 3 types of black oil products.

The terminal produces a material stable earnings stream and significantly enhances our logistics capabilities for the transportation of refined petroleum products exported . Estimated capacity of the Terminal producing 30 million tons of oil annually: 20 million tons of black oil products 10 million tons of light oil products.

The storage tanks farm in The NAKHODKA Terminal also include:

  • An oil tank farm with the total storage capacity of 530 000 m3 x 4 (to be expanded);
  •  A wide network of internal railways with a total length of 8 km and a capacity to accept 283 railway tank-cars Simultaneously;
  • 3 railway stations for simultaneous loading/discharge operations of 98 railway tank-cars and prospects to increase discharging capacities up to 84 railway tank-cars;
  •  6 pumping houses and technological pipelines for oil and ?il products delivery;
  •  An automated blending unit for production of bunker fuels of prescribed viscosity with the blending capacity of 260 Cub. M. per hour;
  • a waterfront of 3 berths, one of which is the biggest in the Far East to accommodate tankers up to 70 000 dwt.
  • A laboratory for oil and oil products quality control.
  • A steam-generating plant of 73 tons of steam per hour.