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MarinTransLogistiks also operate crude оil tankers  which are used tо transport refined products from the refinery to our storage tanks. Other means of transportation includes pipeline and heavy vessels. Tankers range in size frоm the small vessels used tо transport refined products tо huge crude carriers. Tanker sizes are expressed in terms оf deadweight (dwt) оr cargо tоns. The smallest tankers are General Purpоse which range frоm 10 tо 25,000 tоns. These tankers are used tо transpоrt refined prоducts. The Large Range and Very Large Crude Carriers (VLCC) are emplоyed in internatiоnal crude оil trade. The size оf tanker that can be used in any trade (cоmmercial vоyage between a pоrt оf оrigin and destinatiоn) is dependent оn the tanker's length and lоaded depth and the size оf the lоading and unlоading pоrts. The larger ships are used because they reduce the cоst tо transpоrt a barrel оf crude оil. As оf 2006: The wоrld tanker fleet had 4,186 vessels with a carrying capacity оf 358.8 Mdwt. 84% оf the tanker fleet were оwned by independent tanker cоmpanies. The average age оf the fleet was 11.9 years. 68% оf the vessels are dоuble hull ships.


The terminal produces a material stable earnings stream and significantly enhances our logistics capabilities for the transportation of refined petroleum products exported . Estimated capacity of the Terminal producing 30 million tons of oil annually: 20 million tons of black oil products 10 million tons of light oil products. The terminal can provide a completely segregated transshipment of 3 types of light oil products and 3 types of black oil products.


One of the our major storage section is the Rotterdam terminal, the oil terminal in Rotterdam, operates today as a modern multi-brunch enterprise, which intakes petroleum and petrochemical  products from the railway tank-cars and sea tankers, performs their storage More>>


The structure of our fleet consists of reservoirs with a total of up to 450 000 m3. We carry out the programming, reception-release of products via oil terminals at shore tanks.

Each tank is equipped with facilities according c industrial safety requirements and has a commercial accounting system that allows remote monitor the status of oil in the tanks (volume of product, of loading height, density, free volume, overflow sensor).


Professionally organize transportation railway transport for any oil products.We transport materials railway transport in accordance with the norms and standards of Russian and international law, which ensures complete safety of transportation of petroleum products. We do our best to make our service was comfortable for our clients and mutually beneficial to all parties.


OOO ‘’MarinTransLogistiks" operates shore tank Leasing  and also provides freight forwarding, calculation and control of loading / unloading of cargo at all the port in Russia federation and Rotterdam. A review of services, delivery of petroleum and petrochemical , provision of vehicles and freight forwarders to carry out orders ship loaders, cargo, storage/transportation of crude oil and icebreakers in the Arctic. Thus, a single application filed with the manager, you can get a full range of services required by the ship. We are also partnered with some  private refineries which we store their products and some of them have out production  capacity to refine 5million metric tons of D2, 330 millions barrels of Jet fuel, 5million metric tons, m100-75 5million metric tons, LNG 5million metric tons, LPG5million mt.


Our tanks are located a minimum distance from the waterfront in all terminals, speeding the pumping process and simplifying line stripping after a product move. The most remote oil tanks are no more than 1,100 feet from a dock, offering a significant advantage over competitors' facilities that have limited waterfront and tanks that are located further inland Watchman Services, Transit, Surveyors and Tally Services, Ship-chandler Services,Reefer Storage, Freight Forwarding.